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Please read on for an explanation of the shareable graphic below & join me in praying every day at 12:31 for Jesus to end this!

Well friends, things have certainly been out of the ordinary, haven’t they? A virus has spread to most places around the world. In some areas it results in a bad cold, while in other regions it is deadly and spreading fast. In response, many governments are instituting lockdowns and limited movement.

The response to all of this has been mixed. Some people laugh, make jokes & memes to lighten the situation. Some people are very, very afraid. Panic buying of products has resulted in shortages at grocery stores, which leads to bigger shortages! Here are some examples of what my husband has experienced at the grocery store he works at…

Normally full shelves wiped of goods, photo taken by my husband’s boss.

Empty shelves down every aisle after customers buy products they believe their family will need in the event of inevitable lock downs.

Video taken by my husband who was in disbelief after seeing what remained of the store.

As an average American, I am in awe watching events unfold that are completely different from my normal life experience.

As I write this, my city of Las Vegas has been ordered into a version of shelter in place. All businesses & casinos are closed as of midnight last night. That shampoo I was going to grab from the beauty store will have to wait. Grocery, gas, banks & hospitals are still open, but it is an odd feeling.

The glitz, glam, flashing lights, and ringing noise of 24 hour Vegas have all gone quiet.

As a Christian, I have believed and seen all of the ways God provides and protects through chaos. My family has had everything we could need, and more. I have too many examples to list where I sat back and realized with wonder that God knew this was coming, and prepared us.

So, knowing that I believe with all of my heart that Jesus is in control, what do I do? Sit in my home waiting to get the illness, fearing the changes happening?

No way!

My God is bigger than fear!

I prayed for God to help me to help others by spreading joy & faith. God put an answer in my heart…

December 31, 2019 the first case of a new Corona virus in Wuhan China was reported to the World Health Organization. We now know this virus as Covid-19.

December 31st, or 12-31. God really planted that number in my heart. I began searching for a verse that would correspond to those numbers. I searched every book of the bible for the combination of 12 & 31, or 31 & 12.

Then I found it….

“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and He will give you everything you need.”

Luke 12:31

That was it! I knew this was God speaking to His people. There is no need to fear! I was even more amazed once I reviewed the whole chapter. This passage was speaking specifically to not worrying about food! God provides for His people!

I really believe the way forward for followers of Jesus is to show that we walk without fear! I began reaching out to friends with an idea to pray every day at 12:31 (whatever your time zone) for Jesus to end this!

We are ready for a miracle! Please show us your mighty strength! We trust you during this crises and trust you to keep us safe!

So here we are my friends~ I need your help! Please help me in spreading this message~

We can speak directly to the creator of the stars, and know we are heard.

Please share the hashtag…


Here is a graphic you can save and please share to your social media feed & stories. Please text this to your friends. I did not add my name to the picture because this is not my message.

Tap to save this photo! It can also be found on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter under Hilary Brightsides

I believe we can spread the hope, joy, faith & sunshine! Stay safe my friends, but do not live out a “safe” faith! Let’s pray boldly together & share these stories and miracles with eachother as they unfold!

And don’t forget to always look at the brightside, of course!😊