90 Day Challenge (Week 9)

Day 57

2/28/2020 Day 57

Milestones!! This weigh in week I was down 1 pound, & was the week I turned 40 yrs old! Yikes! Because of this challenge I am going into my 40’s feeling strong, healthy & beautiful! The number on the scale does not define that for me! Why is it so important to commemorate milestones? Let’s take a look!

Picking out my 40th birthday present at the Coach store!
  1. In the old testament some altars were used to commemorate something God had done, or an important time where God had made a miracle. Instead of just moving on, an altar helped serve as a reminder to the amazing event that had happened. I thought it would be helpful to adopt the same idea of marking big moments on this journey. God has created big changes within my behavior and thinking, and I don’t want to forget!

Here are 2 great resources to learn more about altars in the bible…



  1. It is so easy to forget where I started. As someone who has always been plus sized, I never shopped at stores that were for smaller sized people. I never thought that I was missing out on anything either! However, I do have to say that when shopping in this store (This is not an ad! Lol!) it was fun to actually look at items I never would have considered before, like a really cute trench coat! This may not seem like a big deal, but in the past the options at the bigger sized stores were really limited. This has changed in recent years, but it still feels so nice to have more options when shopping. My birthday present was a bag that I usually would not buy for myself, but it felt like a commemoration and celebration of hitting goals and transforming into the healthiest version of me that I can be! It’s really hard to describe all of the ways that my thinking has changed regarding health and food. Moments like this help remind me that I do think differently. There may be times when I slip back into old habits & old thinking patterns, so having a reminder like a pretty bag just may be the reminder I need to get back on track!

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