90 Day Challenge (Week 8)

Day 50

2/21/2020 Day 50

Victory!!! This week definitely was a small victory that felt huge!

I’d planned for what meals I should eat during this challenge, & how much walking I should do… but I NEVER planned for, or imagined, what it would feel like to taste my first tangible little bit of success! This progress pic was from a dressing room when I first realized I was absolutely making progress! Here is what happened…

Trying on clothes in the dressing room was suddenly more fun!

This was the week leading up to my big 40th birthday! I had some gift cards, so stopped in to the clothing store (This is SO not an ad for Torrid, but I truly love their clothes by the way!) to quickly grab a pretty shirt to wear for my birthday.

I went to my usual size section, which is most often around 3x. After trying a couple of shirts on I noticed something strange… everything was too big! I excitedly went back to grab some 2x items. The same thing happened! I was amazed! Every item was too big! With disbelief I went back out to pick more shirts, this time grabbing some XL, or approximately sixe 14.

The clothes fit great… and I was officially in shock!

I knew I had been working hard, and had seen some loss on the scale, but I didn’t realize my body was also changing! This meant so much, since my ultimate goal is to be healthy regardless of the number on the scale!

I actually felt really emotional standing there in the dressing room, knowing that this was a victory to be cherished! I’m actually making progress, and there are actual real results happening!

To top it all off, I was so excited that I called my daughter Ashley to tell her what was happening. She was soo sweet to start cheering for me! 😊 This seriously just made my heart so happy!!

I have so far to go, but celebrating a victory along the way seems like an important step to keeping the momentum!

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