90 Day Challenge! (Week 6)

Day 36

Day 36 2/7/2020

Ok, I had a set back this week and have gained 2 pounds! At first I felt dissapointment, but was able to look back over the week to figure out what happened, & I have a theory:

  1. I was using a couple different scales, so there may be a discrepancy between the accuracy of the scales. To eliminate this I went and bought a new scale from Target and I will only use that scale going forward. The numbers on the scale do not define me, but a weekly weigh-in helps me to make adjustments to my plan!
  1. The biggest reason for the set back is most likely because the Superbowl and my son’s birthday were both during this week. I indulged in cheesy dip with chips, sushi, and a small piece of chocolate cake! Cheesy dip on it’s own is not going to make me gain weight, but I chose to eat from the bowl instead of setting aside a reasonable portion for myself! Indulging in occasional treats is not bad, but if I would have thought ahead I could have chosen 1 of the days to indulge instead of both days!
  1. Most importantly!! When I realized I was showing a gain instead of a loss I immediately began to try and figure out where I had gone wrong. I wondered if that was as far as I was going to be able to go on this journey?! Was that the most weight my body was able to lose? I decided that a temporary setback was not going to be the end of the road! If I was driving my car and came to a dead end, I would not just get out of my car and leave it there. I’d need to reverse and find another road, right?! Well the same held true here!

Because I have been behind on documenting my weigh-ins I am happy to say that since that weigh in I have been back on track and I have the benefit of hindsight to look back at this lesson learned. This week that could be considered a failure has been more helpful to my progress than my most “successful” week for sure!

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