90 Day Challenge! (Week 4)

Day 22

Day 22: 1/24/2020

I lost 4 lbs again this week, so on that part still making progress. I’m really trying to celebrate because I know not every week will produce results on the scale!๐Ÿ˜Š The main thing I learned this week: Plan ahead!! Here are some of the details…

  1. This week my big lesson has been that I need to remain prepared with meals and healthy snacks planned ahead of time. By not planning ahead I made some quick decisions on what to eat when I was already hungry. That often resulted in eating more carbs and fat than I’d intended! If I don’t keep easy healthy options on hand, then I end up eating something that isn’t the kind of fuel I need to keep up with a toddler!๐Ÿ˜‚
  1. Positive self talk! I have mentioned this before, but this has truly helped me! Saying to myself “You can do this!!” at 6:30am & nooo getting back in bed. And NO snooze! Even if the baby had me up late! Planning ahead with positive self talk even applies to knowing I really like to hit the snooze on my alarm, so I try to prevent that! I even labeled my alarm in my cell phone “The best day ever!” With happy emojis to encourage myself to make the next right choice!
  1. Right after I’d started the challenge a friend invited me to her Facebook fitness & health encouragement group. This has been sooo helpful! Getting encouragement, accountability, and (most importantly) reminders to stay on track has truly helped! I don’t use social media often on the weekends. Saturdays are busy with my son’s baseball & family activities, and I never go on social media on Sundays to stay focused on Jesus! So I formed a plan to make checking in a priority Monday through Friday. I have an alert on my phone to check in and it helps me set the day off on the right foot!

โ€œIf youย fail to plan, you areย planning to fail!โ€

~Benjamin Franklin

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