90 Day Challenge! (Week 2)

DAY 8!

1/10/2020 Day 8

Week One is done! Off to a good start and down 8 pounds. I have already learned BIG lessons….

  1. The first eye opener was how little water I drink, even though I love water & sparkling water! Seeing the results in the calorie tracking app really surprised me!
  1. Secondly, I needed to make a correction to my calorie budget. I am nursing baby Max, and realized I cut my calories too drastically the first two days. That left me feeling starving! I found out that I need to eat a minimum of 1800 calories to give myself enough fuel to feed the both of us!

Now, regarding calories. I am a HUGE survivor fan! Anyone who has watched that show knows that as the contestants live on their deserted island they starve for 30+ days. Every contest loses weight quickly. So technically I could just not eat. I could starve my body and lose pounds quickly. HOWEVER! Along with that weight loss each contest experiences reduced physical ability, reduced mental function, sometimes drastic hair loss, and complete lack of energy for basic daily tasks! No thank you!! I’ll take chubby over losing mental ability any day!! 😉 So, it only makes sense to me that I need to fuel my body with the right protein and nutrients so that my body can run at it’s best!

The thing that motivates me every day so far is knowing I can burn fat while increasing my energy and brain function!!

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