90 DAY Challenge! (Week 1)


Here we go!!! I have decided to share my expedition towards improved health, and I’m just figuring it out as I go! Here is the background. This is where I have been, and though I am not exactly sure where I am going, I am excited for you to join me on this journey!

  1. At church in November of 2019 my pastor prayed for release from bondage, and to drop the weight we have been carrying. The fact that I am physically overweight was not bothering me enough to focus on, or even something I was really interested in changing. That changed when he referred to metaphorically dropping the weight we carried. That statement really impacted me! I felt the extra physical weight was a burden in itself! I prayed, and really meant it, that Jesus would free me!
  1. With that fresh in my mind, I was helping my daughter Ashley with science homework before Christmas break. The subject was about energy. I read the statement that energy can not be created or destroyed. It was like firecrackers went off in my brain! I am bringing energy into my body in the form of food calories or stress, but with no tools like consistant exercise or energy burning to remove it! I know I am not a scientist, but this just really helped me understand the principle of ((increased activity + decreasing calories = better health.)) This may seem like such a no brainer, but to me this was a groundbreaking realization!
  1. Then during December 2019, the 90 day challenge that would begin in January 2020 was announced during church choir practice. What it is: a challenge with choir friends to get the new year off to a healthy start & motivate eachother. Why this became so important to me: I went through an extremely difficult health battle and slow healing after my C-section in November of 2018. This impacted my physical health by reducing my basic ability, which was a terrible feeling. That affected my mental health! The burden of pain and slow healing came together with the new realizations I know God was showing me. I knew there was no coincidence in the timing of this challenge with the new awareness I was being given, so I became extremely excited to get started on making changes toward better health! My big WHY for making a change was the desire for better health, energy, and ability to care for my family.
  1. I was SO excited to get started on this challenge, and formed a plan over a couple of weeks of what it would look like. I saved lots of fitness graphics and healthy recipies on Instagram. This research helped me feel more knowledgeable and equipped to really make a lifestyle change. I had somewhat of a roadmap: A plan or “budget” for calorie intake, excercise, early waking, less caffeine.
  1. I bought a $10.00 step tracker. I also downloaded a calorie tracking app. By the time day one came I felt prepared to stick with this new lifestyle I was chosing!
  1. Before day 1 I decided to indulge before the start of the challenge, and ate whatever I wanted in excess. I felt so tired, sick and lethargic from overeating! This was so foolish, but I think it will help me remember in the long run how different healthy feels!
  1. Next came the start of the challenge on 1/3/2020! Excitement gave way to the reality that I had so much work to do! Even though I’d prepared, the reality of every single food/ activity choice needing to change was a bit of a shock!
  1. Most important of all!! I am still nursing my baby Max. This helped me to stay clear of any “meal replacement” businesses, potions, “quick fixes”, cleanses, or supplements. Each of us can choose for ourselves, and in no way do I say this to put down anyone’s supplement business! I just felt it was important for me to only use healthy lifestyle and pre-natal vitamins to acheive my optimum health.

So here we go! That is the explanation behind the scenes. I took a before picture, and on a whim decided I’d post weekly to Instagram to track my journey. Day 1 of the challenge was Friday, Jan 3rd, 2020!

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