Stepping out in Faith

How do you know when the time is right to take a leap of faith?

For the past couple of months I have been in prayer about taking a leap of faith.  I want to make sure this is something God has put on my heart, not just a crazy idea! I love that I can be confidant that when I pray, Jesus hears! I am confident that when I go to His Word for answers I know His word is true!!

As I have prayed for guidance Jesus has been faithful and guided my path. This week I felt like the time had come. I prayed, excited and expectant that I would get the “go ahead”. Instead I felt doubt. I knew right away not to trust that negative feeling. Instead I went to God’s word, knowing His word is true!

During my bible study homework that night Jesus provided the answer. 1 Peter 1:13-16. “Prepare your minds for action”. I don’t need to worry about the when, the why, the how. I know that I will never hear from Jesus a yes if the time is not right, just to ease my doubt. I trust that Jesus will guide my next steps as I focus on living a life of increased obedience. I will not be sidetracked with doubt, and when the time comes I will be ready for action!

  • QUESTION: Have you ever been faced with doubt about your next steps?
  • ACTION STEP: Pray for Jesus to show you your next step towards your goal, or to place a new dream on your heart!

13So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control. Put all your hope in the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world. 14So you must live as God’s obedient children. Don’t slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desires. You didn’t know any better then. 15But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy. 16For the Scriptures say, “You must be holy because I am holy.

~1 Peter 1:13-16


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